Mold removal vs mold remediation: Boynton Beach Mold Removal

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Working as a Boynton Beach mold removal expert, we often get asked my homeowners, do I need mold removal or mold remediation?  Because these two terms are seen on the web so often, many homeowners have no idea which the need or who to call.  In a nutshell companies what handle mold removal use both terms.  As a homeowner facing mold damage, you should know the difference.

Question: What is the difference between mold removal and mold remediation? 

Answer:  Mold removal refers to removing the mold, on surfaces.  Mold remediation refers to removing mold spores from the air.

Diagram showing mold spore removal
Mold remediation is the process in which the mold spores are removed from the environment. It’s impossible to remove all the spores, however cleaning the air to a safe level is mandatory.  In the process of mold remediation air flow is directed to a special air scrubber that traps most of the contaminated air.  It take several passes before the air is cleaned to an acceptable level.

While we are known for Boynton Beach Mold Removal, we also handle water damage and mold removal in other parts of Florida.  It’s true we are based in Boynton Beach, however we also serve all of Broward County, Palm Beach County and Martin County. 

Mold removal requires scrubbing with specialized chemicals
There are two factors to consider when removing mold. One is the removal of the visible mold on surfaces, the other is removing the mold spores from the environment. If the mold spore are left at a high level the chances of mold growth are increased.

Of course there is more to it than just that.  To learn more about mold and mold removal, read on.

This is a question that is asked by many South Florida homeowners.  Once a resident is forced to face a mold situation they usually turn to the Internet as a way of determining the best course of action.     Looking online one will find a wide range of mold related search terms including “Mold Removal”  “Mold Cleaning”  “Mold Remediation” Mold Restoration” and others.  As South Florida’s number one water restoration company in Boynton Beach, we have a huge amount of experience in the handling and removal of various types of mold and mold spores.

Most of the time a mold situation is the result of some sort of water or moisture damage.  When an area becomes damp, mold spores will eventually land on the damp location.  You may be thinking, where do these flying mold spores come from?

Additionally you may think, my home has been dry, how did mold spores find their way into my home in the first place?  The truth is, mold spores are tiny seeds that never actually die.  They are everywhere.  Of course there are more mold spores outdoors, however, one you open a window, front door, garage, they will invite themselves into your home.  Living with mold spores is usually not a problem, however, once the amount of mold spores reaches a certain point, the environment is considered toxic and health issues could occur.   Heath issues are not the only problem that results from mold.  Mold thrives and grows by eating the sugar in surfaces.  More on this later.

BELOW:  As part of the mold removal process, airflow is managed as a way of directing mold spores to a certain location in which they can be separated from the air.

Mold remediation taking place in a South Florida home.
By blocking airflow in certain parts of a mold infected home, we can direct the airborne mold spores to a air cleaner or outdoors.

Here in South Florida, mold issues are extremely common.  As a Boynton Beach mold removal company we are members of many of Boynton Beaches community organizations.  We are active with the Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce. and the Delray Beach Chamber as well.  As a matter of fact we handle all of South Florida.

When you combine the moist air, the warm temperature, and the fact that Florida is surrounded by water, it only makes sense that mold in South Florida is a big problem.   So if you have mold in your home, whom do you call?  Should you call a mold removal company, a mold remediation company, and a water damage company?    Basically all these terms are related.  Mold removal in itself isn’t a silver bullet.  If a company is going to offer mold removal they should also, offer mold remediation.  Remember, mold remediation refers to the reduction of the mold spores in the air.  If a company removes the mold, without fixing the homes moist environment than mold will start growing very quickly.   The only way to keep mold from growing back is to remove the source of the moisture.  Once you understand how all these terms are connected, and the fact that a company that offers “mold” anything, needs to have expertise in many different areas.  At Get Dry, Inc. we have a wide range of unique skills that all work together to insure that once the mold in your home is removed, it doesn’t grow back.

So here is the bottom line.   When hiring a company to handle you mold issue, it’s important to make sure they do more than just remove mold.   They also need to re-direct homes airflow so that mold doesn’t start growing in other parts of a home.  This is done by sealing off certain walkways and doors.  The idea is to redirect the mold spores so that they filter into an electronic removal device.  This requires the understand of air pressure management.  There are three different types of air pressure factors that a good mold remediation company should understand and manage.

Negative Air Pressure. – This is created when the air is exhausted from a room.  When a room has negative air pressure the mold spores can’t travel past a pre-determined point.   This is a technique that is often used in hospitals that need to isolate certain areas because of possible infectious diseases.  At Get Dry, Inc. we use special airtight containment barriers that create this negative air pressure and keep the mold spores away from areas that have been deemed safe zones.

Positive Air Pressure. – This type of air pressure is used to re-direct air into a certain space.  For example if we decide that a certain room needs to have negative air pressure and the room does not have negative air pressure, we will create a positive air pressure situation to force air in a certain direction.   By using positive air pressure mold spores could be re-directed outdoors resulting in a reduction of indoor air spores.  Generally speaking it’s impossible to remove all the mold spores from a home.  However, the key is to remove most, and make sure the remaining spores stay as microscopic seeds that never have an opportunity to grow.

Neutral Air Pressure. – This is the area in which the mold spore removal takes place.  Inside the neutral air pressure zone, air scrubbers with special HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters do the work of separating the spores from the air.  We have invested in the best high performance air scrubbers made.   Once in place our air scrubbers will exchange an entire room’s air 4 times per hour.   By reading the above you can determine that removing mold and the associated spores correctly requires more than simply cleaning the visible mold with bleach soaked sponge.

We cut out and remove mold, it can’t be wiped away. We then treat and clean all the areas around the area in case there were spores that were not visible

What makes Get Dry, Inc. so unique?   Get Dry, Inc. is much more than simply a mold removal company.

At get Dry, Inc. we are proud in the fact that we are so much more than just a mold removal company.  We are your South Florida total solution for all types of water damage.  Removing mold from Boynton Beach and South Florida homes is only a small portion of the services we provide.  We also provide full water damage mitigation, flood damage and restoration to any home that needs it.  Further more, Todd, our owner and founder has extensive experience as a home contractor and insurance agent.  Todd’s experience as a building contractor means that in addition to mold removal and remediation, he knows how water and mold damage situations will affect the integrity of your home.  This is important because simply cleaning visible mold is not enough.  Todd is an expert a finding the hidden mold and water damage behind walls, under appliances, in attics.  When you hire us, you can rest assured that your mold situation, will be handled completely and that the reason why your home suffered mold or water damage in the first place will be remedied.

Is mold damage covered by our home insurance policy?   Yes

As a former insurance agent and a public insurance adjuster, we know how to work with your insurance company to insure that your Boynton Beach mold  damage claim is handled correctly resulting in a settlement that covers the cost of the entire restoration, or mold removal and remediation.