Hear Michelle Jackson on “The Minimalist CEO” podcast

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Based in Palm Beach County, Michelle Jackson is a Mold and water damage expert who is knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk with.  If you have mold situation, and would like to talk with an expert who has your best interest in mind call Michelle Jackson at 561 777-2618

Michelle a mold and water damage expert was recently interviewed by Nate Lindquist from The Minimalist CEO. 

Michelle and Doug
Michelle is not just a Palm Beach County mold and water damage expert. She is also a top notch business owner. While there are many mold and water damage experts in Palm Beach County, not all offer the warm, caring, and trustworthy experience that Michelle and her husband Todd offer their clients.

How did Get Dry, Inc. become Palm Beach County’s number one water damage and mold removal company?  To learn the answer, Nate Lindquist, host of the minimalist CEO spent an hour talking with Michelle about everything from business ethics, to providing the best service and being part of the South Florida community.

Due to hard work, an impeccable business ethic, unsurpassed knowledge and skills Todd and Michelle Jackson have grown Get Dry, Inc. into Palm Beach County’s number one mold and water damage expert.

For the past 25 plus years residents of Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Wellington, Jupiter, and all of Palm Beach County, Martin County and Broward County have relied on Todd and Michelle to handle their home water damage and mold damage needs.

Equipment used by a Mold and water damage expert
This picture shows some of the sophisticated equipment used by a mold and water damage expert. Those tubes coming out of the ceiling do the job of sucking water and moisture from hidden and enclosed places in the ceiling.

When it comes to Palm Beach County’s mold and water damage issues, Get Dry, Inc. doesn’t just do the restoration work,  Michelle spends countless hours educating and helping residents and homeowners prepare for whatever the South Florida weather dishes out.  With first hand knowledge of hurricane safety Michelle, gives lectures and live demonstrations on how to prepare your home for an approaching storm or hurricane.  She also educates homeowners on home insurance issues, health issues, and flood safety as well.   Recently Michelle appeared in a live online workshop named Living in South Florida, the information provided was invaluable.  Topics covered included, when should a resident evacuate?  How to secure your home?  What is the best way to find a shelter for your family and pets?  She spoke about insurance claims, and many other topics.    In addition to being a giving talks and lectures on mold and hurricane damage, Get Dry, Inc. participates in trade shows and exhibits.  At these live functions Get Dry, Inc. distributes free hurricane safety items such as flashlights, emergency radios and helpful guide. books. There is no question that when it comes to mold and water damage experts Michelle knows her stuff.  It’s not just a matter of removing mold or water damage, for Michelle and her husband Todd taking care of Palm Beach County homeowners is also about being a good neighbor and a community leader.

In the The Minimalist CEO” podcast Michelle talks about, best business practices, marketing, giving back to the community and working in a family oriented business.

She explains how her husband Todd is a home contractor and also works in the insurance business.  At a certain point Todd realized that there is a huge need for home and business restoration services.

One aspect of home damage involves the submitting and handling of insurance claims.  In many cases the homeowner to inspect a home that has already been serviced by an insurance company’s preferred service provider has contacted Todd.  If you ask Michelle, she will tell you, Todd has a nose of mold, meaning he can smell mold the very second he steps into a home.  While Get Dry, Inc. owns a multitude of advanced mold test equipment, after 25 years of working in the South Florida mold damage industry it only takes Todd a matter of seconds to smell mold in a water damaged home.  Once Todd suspects mold damage, Get Dry, Inc. uses their sophisticated test equipment to detect for mold spores.   Todd and Michelle started Get Dry, Inc. because the felt that the need for an ethical highly skilled restoration company that also understands the home insurance industry.  Because of Todd and Michelle’s knowledge they can help homeowners by making sure their home damage situation is handled quickly and with the least amount of stress as possible.  Michelle states that often homeowners who suffer a home water damage situation sometimes get put aside and are not listened to by their insurance company.  All through the Get Dry, Inc. website you will find articles that provide helpful tips and information on topics such as, How to prepare for a hurricane?  How mold spores affect your health. and How mold damaged homes loose resale value.

If you ask Michelle, she will tell you that one of her goals is to help educate home and property owners so that they can live their best lives here in Palm Beach County.  She hopes residents don’t need disaster assistance.  However, if a homeowner should face a serious mold or home damage than talking to a Mold and water damage expert like Michelle is your best solution.

In Nate’s podcast, Michelle Jackson talks about marketing that is done in such as way that homeowners see Michelle as the best go to person in the industry.  The result is a continuous flow of Palm Beach County residents asking questions and reaching out to Michelle for help.  Sometimes a homeowner’s water damage situation doesn’t require any major restoration work.  In this case Michelle and Todd will offer advise and guide the home or property owner by telling them how to handle a situation.  Other times Todd and Michelle will ask to see a picture and then determine the best course of action, based on the picture and a discussion with the homeowner.

If you have a business, make time to listen to this podcast.  When you do you will find that Michelle is the epitome of using high standards, and helpfulness as a way to generate business.    Michelle has the ability to grow the business by helping the community first, then allowing residents to reach out to her when and if they need help. After listening to this interview it become clear that Michelle is more than simply a mold and water damage expert, she are great community leader and a know in general.

Michelle goes on the talk about their experience of raising a family and being good parents also helped them build the required skills that are needed to grow a successful business.  It’s at this part of the discussion that you get a real feeling for how both Todd and Michelle work together as a team.

At one point, they discuss how Michelle works as a woman in an industry that employees mostly men.   Michelle says, “Give me a shovel and I’ll dig a hole in a instant.”  She goes on to explain the fact that she understands home building, and the science behind mold and water damage.  This gives her the ability to talk to with home insurance adjuster or a contractor in such a way that conveys she knows her stuff.  However, Michelle is also soft spoken to the point of being able to talk with a homeowner in a way that is friendly and approachable.  To say that Michelle is the perfect person for her job is an understatement.

Mold remediation taking place in a Mold Damaged home.
This picture was taken inside a mold damaged kitchen. Removing mold required two parts, the removal of the visible mold and the second part the mold remediation which involves the removal of the mold spores which are not visible but are in the air.

In this talk, Michelle Jackson also talks about her staff, and the fact that everyone in her company is a team player with each having their specific role.  Listening to Michelle, you will get the real sense that Michelle cares about her employees every bit as much as her clients.  It’s this caring attitude that is carried forward by her entire staff.    Michelle, is a considerate and knowledgeable speaker, she explains this concept in a way that makes sense and makes the listener want to do business with her, even if you don’t have home damage.

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