Mold removal in Martin County and South Florida

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After many years of experience, we have developed the best techniques for mold removal in Martin County and all of South Florida

5 Ways Mold Can Affect Your Life

As the best mold removal company in Martin County and all of South Florida for that matter, we are called to many homes in which mold is the hidden culprit creating health issues, construction issues, and some very nasty smells.  Whether it be a report on the local news or talk show or a friend, neighbor, or family’s experience, you have probably heard about black mold.  Why is it important to recognize if you have it as well?  How can you protect yourself from both its financial and health consequences?  Here in South Florida where the climate is more humid than other parts of the country, mold has become a major problem.

First, let’s start with some basic facts. Think moisture when you think of mold. Unfortunately, it isn’t always visible. However, if your house flooded recently, and your were unable to completely dry it out immediately, you could have mold growing. You may notice your walls are discolored or there are stains on the ceiling. The cardinal rule with managing mold is to act before it appears. Once it appears, you should contact a professional mold remediation company like ours as that golden hour has passed.

 1. You May Be Breathing in Toxins.

 Black Mold is Toxic. The World Health Organization Guidelines announce that “sufficient epidemiological evidence is available …to show that occupants of moldy buildings… are at “increased risk of respiratory symptoms, respiratory infections, and exacerbation of asthma.”  Read: Mold is a health hazard | World Health Organization. Sadly, this is the only the beginning of these finding. There is also an increased risk of rare conditions. The CDC adds “burning eyes and skin rash.”  In fact, it may be the musty odor of mold -often described as dirty socks – that tips you off that you have mold in the first place. For example, if the leaky pipe is behind your shower, you may find that your bathroom smells very musty in a very unpleasant way.

2. Members of Your Family May Be at Increased Risk.

Those who have asthma or who have mold allergies may react badly. If anyone is immune-compromised or has chronic lung disease, their lungs may get infected from the mold Invasive Mold Infections in Immunocompromised People. The CDC also speaks to recent studies which suggest “a link of early mold exposure to development of asthma in some children.” Newer studies suggest impaired memory as well as brain inflammation may occur due to illnesses from mold.

Sick from mold in South Florida.
If you find that you are often sick or have a sinus problem that can’t be remedied, check for mold poisoning. In cases of mold illness, home occupants assume they have a simple cold or an allergy. However, hidden home mold could be the real culprit.

3. Your Bathroom or Basement Renovation or Basement Renovation May Reveal a Mold Issue.

When you begin your long-awaited improvements to your home, you are usually excited and stressed at the same time. After all, that basement will become a hangout for your teenagers or the family room with the gigantic TV screen. However, as walls come down or the tile comes off, the contractor may discover the presence of black mold. Not only will you need to call in a mold remediation specialist for help, but your project will also be delayed, making your project even more disruptive. Although it is hard to think of the positive outcome, you now have found sources of mold which can be removed safely, but unfortunately at great expense.

 4. You May Have Difficulties with Mold If You Live in an Attached Home

Mind your neighbors
Very often we find that water and mold damage spread to different units. Someone living in a condo or apartment may have no idea that the unit above has a major mold or water damage problem.  Because we are experienced at mold removal in Martin County and other South Florida cities, we have seen this often.

You may have a much harder time controlling mold in this situation. Take an actual case where flooding occurred in a condominium townhouse building. The owner acted responsibly and took care of her unit, but sadly, one adjoining unit was in foreclosure. That unit had a very serious mold issue, impacting the responsible homeowner. It was only after an attorney intervened that a solution was reached. If you believe you have taken care of your issue, try to find out the situation of the adjoining units and contact your Homeowner’s Association help. Recently we reviewed a case in which a resident of an condominium suffered serious health issues as a result of water damage to her Broward County complex.  In this case she had no idea that water damage or mold were growing in the ceiling and walls of her unit.  After many blood tests, trips to various doctors, even psychological evaluations was the hidden mold found.  Read: A botched mold removal story.

 5. If You Have a Particularly Bad Case, You May Have to Move Out of Your Home.

While mold remediation companies try to section off the areas with mold, if the mold is located in multiple areas, you may have to leave your home so the work can be done. Hopefully, this isn’t the case. If you have young children or immuno-comprised family members, you may decide it is necessary to move for peace of mind. You will be incurring the costs of your mortgage or rent while needing to either move in with friends or family or incurring additional housing costs. If you are vigilant about prevention such as keeping your home at between 30-50% humidity, as recommended by the Mayo Clinic. Higher humidity levels will encourage mold of all types of grow along with damaging your furniture. That is why if there is an event, such as flooding, you need to immediately remove moisture from your home – usually with the help of an outside company, which will provide giant dehumidifiers and other equipment to minimize damage.

Martin county mold removal may require sealing off affected rooms.
When handling a mold contaminated room, we sometimes must seal off a part of your home so that the mold spores do not travel to other parts of the home.

There is some good news. The quicker you act when you believe you have a problem with mold, the greater the chance you will succeed at removing the mold before it becomes a problem.  In addition, ignoring a water or mold problem only creates more problems. In some cases insurance companies do not support the approach of letting something fester.  If you sit on a problem and it grows, it could be considered your fault for not acting sooner.   However, by calling us at Get Dry, Inc. 561-777-2618 we could inspect your home and quickly determine the best course of action.  There is no charge for our home inspection and because we know time is of the essence, we work quickly.  We are based in Boynton Beach and cover all of Palm Beach, Broward, and Martin Counties.  If you live in Boca Raton, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Parkland, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, Lake Worth, or are close to any of these cities call us for a free inspection. While we are known for mold removal in Martin County we are happy to provide our services to others in surrounding areas.

Call a Mold Remediation Specialist for a free consultation to confirm whether or not black mold is a problem for you. If necessary, you can work with a Public Adjuster who will take a preset fee, regulated by the State of Florida, to handle all transactions with your insurance company so you can concentrate on what needs to be done right now!