South Florida water damage & clean up. Meet our team.

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Hi from our South Florida water damage and mold clean up team!  

When you have an unexpected flood in your home or business, it’s important to hire the a clean up team that is highly skilled with the best reputation possible.  We are that South Florida water damage company. Need proof?   Read our reviews Here

Hi. I’m Michelle Jackson with Get Dry Restoration, your South Florida water damage and clean up experts.  Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about issues with living in South Florida.

We are your local mold and water solution. We clean up disasters. We work from Jupiter to Hollywood. I’m going to tell you a little bit about why you should use Get Dry.

Me, of course, I answer the telephones, I do all the backend processing, and I record things like this to help the public understand about water and mold. Then there’s my husband, Todd.  He’s the one in the sunglasses. He has a background in construction and in insurance, so he can find a problem and then figure out how to fix it. Then there’s Keith that comes in with the crew and cleans up the disaster and gets your home back to normal.

We are the South Florida water damage clean up crew
If your home of business is suffering water damage or mold issues call us. We are the friendly. professional disaster clean up crew, and we are ready to help you.

Some of the most common things that we find here in South Florida are storm damage, causing roof leaks that turn into interior problems. Also, pipe leaks under the sink in your kitchen and bathroom, and clogged gutters. The roof leak will eventually turn into water intrusion into your home. The pipe leak, left unknown for a while in a wall, will turn into mold growing that you have no idea is there. The clogged gutters will cause mold growing in your soffits, and that will cause circulation throughout your home.

Climbing on a damages roof in South Florida


Working on homes or business properties with damaged roofs is what we do best. This type of work should always be performed by a skilled professional.


The reason that you want to cover up a hole in your roof as quickly as possible is because mold starts to form in as little as 24 to 48 hours after an intrusion, Which is very quick! So we will come in and tarp that roof so no more damage is caused to the interior of your home.

We do take some extra touches when we come in and do remediation work in your home. We’ll brace up your countertops so you can use your coffee pot and your microwave. We leave the home as livable as possible while you’re going through a claim so you can get the repairs made.

When we do a remediation job, we also enclose and encapsulate the area that we’re working in so those mold spores aren’t passing through the rest of your home.

A statistic by Spengler shows that I wanted to share is, over 50% of US homes and 85% of commercial properties have water damage and mold hidden in the walls.

You can learn more by reading this Spengler report

That’s amazing. One thing that you want to know about Get Dry is if you see something or smell something, say something; and we’ll come in and do a free inspection to let you know if there’s something that needs to be taken care of.

Another tip that I want to share for you is, here in South Florida, it’s very important to keep your air conditioning working properly. It controls the humidity level in your home, and you want to keep the relative humidity to 45% to 55% to prevent mold growth or a mildew residue on some of your items.

If you would be interested in receiving our hurricane preparedness guide, just drop me your email down below, and I’ll get that out to you right away. Thanks for sharing your time with me today. It is my pleasure to help you understand about living in South Florida.