Water Damage Restoration Palm Beach County

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If your Palm Beach County home or business has water damage a time is critical.  It’s important to call the best restoration company before the situation gets out of hand. 

When it comes to dealing with water damage restoration and removal it’s no question that Get Dry, Inc. is your best choice.  With over 20 years of experience working with homeowners and business owners we have the skills, knowledge and sophisticated equipment to handle any water damage situation.  In addition, our knowledge of insurance claim handling, insures that you won’t get stuck with an incomplete restoration project.  If you live in Palm Beach County and are facing water damage we offer a free inspection just call us at (561) 777-2618 We serve all of Palm Beach County, Martin County, and Broward County.

Why should you call us for your water damage and restoration needs in Palm Beach County, Broward County or Martin County?

There are many ways that a home or business property can suffer water damage.  Here in South Florida where hurricanes are a fact of life.  A hurricane can cause roof damage as a result of flying debris.  Typically when this happens, the result is a hole that allows rainwater to soak the insulation under the roof. The insulation acts like a sponge retaining the rainwater for an extended amount of time.  During this time the occupants have no idea that there are gallons of mold producing water sitting in the ceiling above their heads.  Once a water damage situation occurs it only takes 24-48 hours for mold to start to grow.  Don’t take our word of this read this FEMA report here:  Mold starts to grow in 24-48 hours. As the water damage continues it does become apparent that there is a problem, when either a ceiling collapses or it rains in the kitchen, living room, lobby and so on.

Another source of home water damage in Palm Beach, Broward or Martin Counties, is due to broken plumbing. This is very common with old cast iron plumbing.  When the pipes become rusted and become weak they can spring a slow leak or burst and create a quick flood.   In the case of a slow leak the business owner or homeowner has no clue that there is a problem until the pipe springs a leak when this happens the problem is twofold, the first mission is the find the leak, this could be tricky and will require an experience leak detection expert.  Luckily we provide this service.  The next step is to repair the damage, and handle any mold problems that may be present.  For more on our leak detection service read: Leak detection, finding the source quickly.

Damaged or broken appliances are another source of home water damage.

It’s also common for us to receive distress calls as a result of broken appliances.  For example, a leak in a dishwasher hose could result in a flooded kitchen.  Just like a slow plumbing or roof leak, if it’s a very slow leak the result could be both mold and water damage.  In our experience it’s the slow leaks that seem to be the most difficult to remedy.  This is for several reasons; first someone needs to find the source of the leak.  Then a leak needs to be repaired, and finally mold is almost always a problem.  Sometimes the mold issue can be handled quickly with the minimum of effort, other times mold removal requires a more aggressive approach.

South Florida is the perfect climate for mold and water damage problems. 

Although the warm climate in South Florida is awesome most of the time, the moist environment is also friendly to water damage and mold issues.  If your air conditioning is working properly, chances are you will hardly notice how moist and humid the air is in South Florida.  However once your air-conditioning stops working, it will only be a matter of hours until the inside of your home starts to feel moist.  This is due to the fact that an air conditioning unit works by removing moisture from the air and them releasing that captured moisture outdoors.  Here in South Florida many residents expect the power to go out during or after a hurricane.  Because of this sales of power generators grow as we approach hurricane season.  In addition to purchasing a power generator it’s helpful to also purchase a dehumidifier.  Dehumidifiers are inexpensive and can help reduce the chance of mold growth if your power goes out.

 Did you know that water damage is the number one reason most Palm Beach County homeowners submit damage clams?

By calling us at Get Dry, Inc. you are guaranteed to have your water damage repair and restoration project done right the first time, this will prevent recurring problems as well as save money, time and stress.
Our high-tech equipment and knowledge of mold and water damage repair will insure that your home or business is restored to pre-damage condition.  When water damage occurs getting back to normal is most important.  In order to achieve this we use the most reliable up to date equipment possible.  At Get Dry, Inc. we have spent thousands of dollars on the equipment that is needed to find the source of the problem and perform the repairs.  By using an infrared thermo graphic cameras and moisture locating equipment we can locate the source of the problem and perform the repairs. When it comes to  Our years of experience, advanced equipment and knowledge of home construction make us your best choice for Water Damage Restoration in Palm Beach County

Once we find the source and start the restoration process we then get to work on what is known as dry out.  During the dry out process we use industrial high tech moisture removing equipment, which captures the moisture in the air and prevents wood warping, rust growth, and prevents electrical problems.  Since we are mold removal experts we also work to insure that any mold growth is stopped and the mold removed.  Because the climate in South Florida is very humid, it’s important to make sure the environment inside your home or business is completely dry.  In many of the homes we have inspected, we have found situations that naturally create humid conditions.  When we find these locations we work with the business or homeowner to solve these problem areas so that the result is a dry environment.

Water damage in carpet.

In Palm Beach, Broward and Martin counties we have found the carpeted flooring is very common.  Given the humid environment in South Florida, the use is carpeting is one problem may business and homeowners must deal with.  The fact that carpet is highly absorbent, and made if porous fibers moisture is drawn to the padding under the carpet.  Removing moisture from carpet sometimes requires the carpet to be lifted and the padding either replaced of dried.  In the past we have been called to inspect homes in which a water damage repair project was not completed correctly.  In these cases the home or business occupants have continued to smell or sense a musty environment weeks after a water damage company has left.  When we get hired to re-inspect these properties, our inspection often finds moisture hiding under the carpet or inside walls.  This is very common especially when a home or business owner tries to remedy the problem as a DIY project. Many insurance companies also use their own preferred service providers to solve Palm Beach County water damage problems.  Due to the cost cap that is sometimes put on these preferred service providers the funds available to complete the job correctly are limited.

Water remediation in Palm Beach County
Wh en water soaks into the ceilings insulation it may not be noticeable until the ceiling starts to break. Water soaked into the carpet usually requires the carpet to be lifted and and d the padding underneath to be dried. Removing moisture requires special commercial dehumidifiers and air movers.

Getting your Palm Beach, Martin County or Broward County water damaged home back to normal.

During our many years serving South Florida residents, we have learned that during and after a water damage situation, retuning to normal life is what matters most.  Business owners care most about resuming normal operations and serving their valuable clients and customers.  For homeowners, returning to a dry, comfortable environment is what they want most.  It’s easy to take for granted that your home is dry, or that your business environment is safe for staff and customers when that has been the case for many years.  However, when this expectation is suddenly removed and business is forced to stop, or your home becomes unlivable the emotional stress could become unbearable.   At Get Dry, Inc. we understand this and it’s our mission to help Palm Beach County, Martin County and Broward County homeowners and business owners return to normal live. As the best water damage & restoration company in Palm Beach County,  we own all the equipment needed to detect moisture, and remove any water damage that is present in any home or business  If you are facing water damage, mold, or suspect you have a leak, call us at (561) 777-2618