Working as a Water Damage & Mold Removal Specialist?

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If you are a student who is considering thinking about your career path, than water damage and mold specialist may be a great choice for you.  Do you enjoy construction, science, problem solving?   If you are a technical oriented, hands on type person who loves solving a wide range of different and unique problems every day then a career in the water damage and mold removal industry may be just what you are looking for.  The text below is from a discussion with Michelle from Get Dry Restoration.  Get Dry Restoration has been working in South Florida for over 30 years.  In their business the handle a wide range of how damage situations.  For example, a damaged roof from a hurricane could cause rain water to leak.  As the water sits in the homes attic, the sitting water could result in mold growth.  This is a very common scenario here in South Florida.  As a water damage and mold removal company we are required to find the leak, have the roof repaired, remove the mold-damaged items, dry the area. This type of work involves the understanding of construction, how mold grows, how mold spores travel, (Airflow) and the health related issues.  In addition, understand home insurance practices & insurance claims is also very useful in this field.  This talk by Michelle from Get Dry, Inc.  Was given to students at a Junior Achievement lecture series.  The staff at Get Dry, Inc. hopes you will find this lecture useful.  If you are considering a career in the water damage and mold removal field, and would like advise, or help pursuing your career path, we are always willing to help.  Call us at 561-777-2618

Student thinking about a career in water damage
Have you though about a career as a water damage and mold removal expert? This career choice offers a wide range of opportunities and requires many diverse skills.

Below is Michelle’s talk.

Hello, I’m Michelle with Get Dry Restoration. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about what our company does, as well as give you a better idea of the future jobs you may be interested in.  Our territory covers Jupiter to Hollywood and everywhere in between in South Florida. You may have noticed that it is very hot, rainy and humid here in South Florida. All those factors contribute to a lot of our workload.  The three things that we get called most about are leaks in roofs, or leaks in ceilings resulting from roof damage.  In addition, a leak could start under a kitchen sink because of old pipes that have deteriorated and rusted.  Clogged gutters could be another cause of water damage problems.  These three things could cause spots on the ceiling or sometimes just a funny color or a funny smell.  Often these situations cause problems inside the wall that we don’t see.  Once the damage reaches a certain point, a homeowner has no choice but to call a company like ours for help.   As a water restoration  company in Boynton beach, we serve homeowners all over our area.  However, our services are not simply limited to our location.  We also handle home water and mold damage situations all over Palm Beach County,  Broward County, and Martin County.  When huge disasters strike Florida, we are often called on to provide our experience and expertise in other parts of Florida.

When we get to that kind of home damage, the contaminated area it has to be ripped out and replaced, the mold issue also needs to be addressed as well, there’s a lot of work entailed.  When a home has damage from clogged gutters, the result will be rotted wood and deterioration in the fascia, which is the flat part that you see when you’re standing on the ground underneath your roof.

When these situations happen, our crew is called in to do an inspection.  Sometimes we have to come out and put a special tarp over a giant hole in the roof.  Here in South Florida where strong winds and hurricanes are common, we get plenty of calls in which the wind has ripped off a piece of the roof, or a tree has punched a hole in the roof.  By using a tarp to cover the hole we can prevent further damage inside the home. Once there is a water intrusion mold will start to form in as little as 24 to 48 hours.   We have written a wide range of articles in Mold, Mold Removal, How Mold Grows, and how to remove Mold safely and keep the mold from spreading.  You can check out one of these articles here:

Mold and Water Damage Removal

It’s our job to come in and inspect, then determine how to solve the problem and figure out what needs to be done to resolve the issue.

As a Boynton Beach based water damage and mold removal company it’s also our job to take pictures, tell the homeowner how much time and money it’s going to take to fix the problem.  Our crews are equipped with the tools to take cut out problem areas, rip out damaged drywall and shore up countertops with some new wood, so the countertop can be used.  Often we have to tear out dry moldy or damaged wall.  Then the walls can be dried inside and those big blue units sitting on the floor.

These units take the humidity out of the air and get those wall cavities cleaned inside the wall. It is also important for us to be able to communicate with customers. So having really good communication skills is important.  We also have to be punctual, reliable, and follow through with what is agreed to. Similar to how you have to be on time for your class and listen to the teacher, and deliver your assignments on time.  In business we have to do the same thing. We have to listen to our customer’s needs and respond in a timely fashion, then take action and be sure that all of the work is done to the expectations of our clients.  You could also be doing something different in our company, like working in the office and doing paperwork or recording and presentations like I’m doing now.  Which is part of what I do for our company.  One thing that I’d like to tell share with you is this statistic, over 50% of homes and 85% of commercial buildings have water and damage in their walls and most of it is hidden and you can’t even see it.

The fact that water damage, mold removal, restoration of a home or business after water damage, is such a needed aspect of South Florida life keeps us busy.  There is a demand in our field for skilled people who possess this type of expertise.  This is why this career choice should be considered. As long as South Florida experiences hurricanes, wind storms, humidity, and as long as plumbing pipes break or leak, you can be confident that a career as a water damage, and mold removal specialist, is a good choice.

Chart with skills required
The type of work a Mold and water damage specialist does requires a broad range of skills in many different areas. For example finding leaks, and plumbing requires skills in construction and problem solving. If you are not the type of person who would like to do hands on construction, there is the aspect of handling contracts and sales. While Michelle is capable of actually doing construction type work, her value is in the area of contracts, marketing and understanding policies.

I hope you learned something today. Thank you for spending some time with me. And if you ever want to talk to me or have your parents talk to me about careers in our field, you can reach out, or have them reach out to me at 561-777-2618.  Or visit on our website at

Thank you all very much. Bye-bye.


More about Get Dry, Inc.

We are South Florida’s most sought after Water restoration company in Boynton Beach.  While we are based in Boynton Beach we also serve all of South Florida.  When it comes to water damage, it’s important to hire a company that has years of experience,  is honest, and continuously stays on top of the latest water and mold removal methods.   In addition Michelle is a community leader who spends countless hours educating others in the best way to avoid a water or mold damage situation.   Michelle is a member of the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce and a Boynton Beach B4B leader.  Based in Boynton Beach she is also connected with a wide range of top notch home contractors.  If a resident needs roof repair after a hurricane or storm, Michelle knows the best roof repair people.  Need home contractors for other issues Michelle is an excellent resource.

Get Dry, Inc. is owned and operated by both Michelle and her husband Todd.   Todd is an experienced home contractor, and former insurance agent.  He is also a certified Mold and water damage specialist, which mean that your property or home damage will have handled in a way that confirms to the local codes.